CLU Comment is the highly-informative newsletter that has been an integral part of the CLU environment since 1967. It helps define the unique niche that CLU advisors occupy in the financial services industry – specialists in advanced life insurance applications and estate planning solutions.

 Nov / Dec 2016 The Comment 300
  • Changes to principle residence exemption
  • CPP and EI 2017
Sept / Oct 2016 The Comment 299
  • Charitable Gift Planning with Life Insurance
  • A Look at the Charitable Tax Credit Rates
  • RRSP Beneficiaries: Proceed Cautiously
 July / August 2016 – The Comment 298
  • Greater certainty when assessing “De Facto” control
  • Financial Literacy leads to better outcomes
May / June 2016 – The Comment 297
  • Life Insurance and the new CDA calculations
  • Changing Circumstances can create unexpected consequences
  • Children and your estate plan
March / April 2016 – The Comment 296
  • Tax Savings for Students
  • The Benefits of Aging
  • Incorporated Employee
January / February 2016 – The Comment 295
  • Clarity of intentions will reduce uncertainty
  • A new year and new income tax rates
  • Government Pension Plans: Benefits and Contributions for 2016

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