The Wealth Optimization Program™ is a revolutionary process that brings clarity and focus to the financial planning process. The Program encompasses a four step process that gives you the confidence that all of your goals will be achieved.

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    STEP 1: The Identification Process®

    Identification of the client’s specific financial and life goals to guide future planning and decision-making.

    Includes clarification of current financial situation and life goals, personal and financial history, vision for the future, income and expense analysis/projection, and risk assessment including estate plan and living benefits analysis.

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    STEP 2: The Strategic Blueprint

    A customized roadmap describing the steps needed to achieve the client’s personal and financial goals.

    Includes an overview of the financial position, cash-flow analysis, investment priority planning, risk management formulation and outcome analysis.

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    STEP 3: The Achievement Formula

    Implementation of the client’s Master Financial Plan™. This provides clients with a systemized method of acquiring additional financial products needed to achieve their goals.

    Includes due diligence and market analysis, optimal solution selection, complete underwriting management, selection of financial products and professional investment managers.

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    STEP 4: The Progress Evolution

    Continual review of the client’s financial progress to ensure clarity in all financial decisions

    Includes systematic portfolio re-balancing, detailed performance reports, comprehensive in-person review of overall financial progress, and tax efficiency monitoring