Client Risk Profile

Section 1: Investment Objectives

Section 2: Personal Information

Section 3: Investment Horizons

Investors often have distinct phases in the investment plans. The initial phase is savings and growth. During this time an investory builds up a portfolio toward a future goal. The second phase is typically use of funds, either for a specific purpose or for income.

Section 4: Attitudes Towards Risk

Section 5: Portfolio Viability

Investment portfolios aimed at providing higher returns tend to have greater swings in value (providing both gains and losses). The more aggressive your portfolios, the more pronounced these swings become, and the more often short-term losses can occur..

Some investors are more willing than others to accept periodic declines in the value of the portfolio as a trade-off for potentially higher long-term returns.

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Section 6: How important are the following features to your investment plans?

Section 7: Please rank in order of importance to you the following portfolio characteristics:

1 is most important to you, 6 is least important to you.

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