Secura Partners

About Secura Financial Group


Secura Financial Group is a financial planning organization that was formed in December 2003. The partners and advisors of Secura Financial Group – Jeff Hancock, Patrick Murphy, Ray Calver and Chas Murphy – have a combined experience of advising clients in the investment and insurance industry of more than 85 years. Secura Financial Group consists of 4 Financial Planners and 8 Operations Team Members located in Kingston, ON. 

Helping clients be clear about their values, needs and wants is the mainstay of our work. With this understanding we are able to craft solutions that add value to the lives of our clients.  We do this with a keen interest in using the most tax efficient strategies to help our clients keep as much of their hard earned money in the hands of those most important to them – their families and the causes that are near and dear to them.

Secura Financial Group has established relationships with a variety of financial specialists, accountants, lawyers and industry experts. The result is a well-rounded team that can tackle even the most complicated financial challenges. Secura Financial Group is a team of professionals dedicated to providing professional financial planning to business owners, professionals, retirees and families. 

Secura Financial Group works best with clients who consider wealth the means by which to secure an enjoyable, rewarding, well-rounded life. Our clients realize the value of professional advice, and are willing to delegate day-to-day financial decisions to a group of trusted professionals.